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Shaunessy Investment Counsel Inc.


615-15 Avenue SW
Suite 102
Calgary, Alberta T2R 0R4
(403) 802 - 3108

Principal Contacts

James Garcelon
Executive Vice-President & Portfolio Manager
Tel: (416) 238 - 7182

Terence Shaunessy
President & Portfolio Manager
Tel: (403) 802 - 3108

Client Minimums

Private: $5,000,000
Institutional: $10,000,000

Types of Accounts Managed

  • Private Individual / Investor
  • Institutional Investor - Pension Plan
  • Institutional Investor - Non-Profit
  • Institutional Investor - First Nations
  • Institutional Investor - Other

Provinces of Business

  • Alberta*
  • British Columbia
  • Ontario*
  • Yukon

* indicates a physical location in this province

Our Portfolios

Since inception Shaunessy Investment Counsel Inc. (SIC) has successfully focused on a single investment mandate – Multi-Asset Global Portfolios comprised exclusively of Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).

SIC manages portfolios directly for clients on a separate account basis (no pools) with mandates in excess of $5 million.  Working with our partners – Echelon Wealth Partners & Wealthsimple – we can accommodate any account size and offer a range of service options.

A SIC Global Multi-Asset Portfolio is suitable as either a “standalone portfolio” or as the foundation of a “multi-manager solution”.  As the foundation portfolio in a multi-manager solution, there is no risk of duplication when higher returning mandates such as specialty equity (small cap and emerging markets), private equity and hedge funds are added to the asset mix.

Strategy and Return Objectives

SIC’s investment strategy is founded in two core investment principles:

Asset allocation is the primary determinant of investment results and risk management over time.

ETFs are the most efficient, transparent and cost-effective means of achieving portfolio objectives, including confidently extending investment reach beyond domestic markets.

SIC manages client portfolios in the style of a traditional institutional fund manager with the objective to achieve long-term portfolio returns of 7-9% with reasonable levels of volatility.

Portfolio risk is managed through asset allocation to cash, fixed income (including preferred shares) and publicly traded equities (domestic and international).  Target risk is classified as “Moderate Growth” with equities ranging from 50-70% of total assets.

Investment Process & Risk Management

SIC is a “top down” fundamental macro manager.  Investment decisions are based on our outlook for the global economy, political policy, interest rates, yield curve, foreign exchange rates, corporate earnings and relative values of major global equity markets.

A SIC Global Multi-Asset Portfolio is typically comprised of 10 to 12 positions that are transparent and easy to understand, ensuring targeted portfolio returns and portfolio manager accountability.  SIC populates client portfolios exclusively with listed ETFs to generate investment returns.

For the most part, asset allocation will fall within certain target ranges for major asset classes such as fixed income (30-60%) or equities (40-70%), reflecting the best combination of asset categories to achieve the desired return as determined by our analysis.

As a core manager, fixed income portfolios would be considered “investment grade” on a weighted average rating basis while equity investments are concentrated almost exclusively in global developed markets (S&P 500, TSX Composite, MSCI EAFE, Euro 350 for example).

About SIC

Founded in 2000, SIC has offices located in Calgary and Toronto.  SIC prides itself on being 100% employee owned, ensuring that every advisor is personally invested in the growth and protection of client assets.

SIC receives investment management fees directly from its clients and sub-advisory clients but does not accept trailers, commissions or soft dollars from brokers or other service providers.  As a result, there are no conflicts of interest with our clients.  

SIC is a fiduciary registered directly with the Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Yukon Securities Commissions.

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